ATX Consulting


ATX Consulting is a Consultancy Company specialised in Telecommunications.
Senior Consultants with more than 25 years in the Telecommunication Industry provide services to Telecom Operators or Industrial Companies who wish to deploy a Network Solution.
When necessary, ATX Consulting relies on a network of experts for the various technologies involved in the Telecommunication area.


ATX Consulting supports Network Set Up projects for the topics related to Operations (Business Processes, OSS/BSS Tools, and Organisation): issuing RFI/RFP/RFQ, vendor selection and project follow-up.


  • ATX Consulting supports technical migrations
  • Business Processes adaptation - Organization fine tuning - Tools adaptation
  • Support the Management Of Change for the technical related topics
  • ATX Consulting helps Telcos to define the tools they need to manage their network and support their customers.
  • ATX Consulting provides training on Network Operations, associated tools and also on Telecommunication Standard Models.
  • ATX Consulting supports projects worldwide.